Fredericton City council is drafting a bylaw to stop residents from feeding pigeons.

The City of Fredericton is drafting a bylaw that would ban residents from feeding pigeons in residential neighborhoods.

People who live in the College Hill area are complaining that one home in particular has become very popular with the birds - too popular, according to Dennis Muehlhauser, an elder at the Seventh Day Adventist church, which is across the street from the house in question.

Muehlhauser said the church's roof has been repaired several times because the pigeons are wrecking it.

"Well the pigeons like to roost there and we get large flocks and they're always up there on the roof and destroying it really," he said.

City officials say they've asked the person who lives in the home to stop feeding the pigeons, but current bylaws don't allow them to take any further action.

Coun. Eric Megarity, chair of Fredericton's public safety committee, said they are drafting a bylaw which would give enforcement officers the power to impose fines on those who don't comply with requests not to feed pigeons.

"So what we're doing here is we're giving a little, for lack of a better word, bite, or a little enforcement to the bylaw officer," Megarity said.

Megarity said part of the problem is that after the pigeons are fed, they fly over the neighbourhood and leave droppings everywhere.

"Pigeons carry lice and they carry disease, and the droppings carry disease," he said. "So you can well imagine, if you have young kids in the backyard and you have a lot of pigeon droppings, you know the rest of the story."