Two Fredericton teens have been making a name for themselves through social media and becoming internet celebrities.

Brianna Price has a YouTube Channel that has more than 160,000 subscribers and one of her videos has more than a million views.

Jamie Corbett, meanwhile, runs a Vine page, where his short videos have brought him nearly 800,000 followers.

He has been running his Vine account "justjamiie" since last January, but the page really took off when a friend he met online, who had a lot of followers, reposted one of his vines.

"It was kind of surreal at first," said Corbett.


Jamie Corbett's Vine account "justjamiie" has close to 800,000 followers. (From Vine)

"I liked it. I liked being known on the internet and I thought it was really cool so I just kept going."

Now, people all across North America know who he is.

"I went to Florida in October and I had people meet me at the airport. I don't know how they knew that I was coming or what my flight was but they were there and they asked me for pictures and stuff, and I thought that was pretty cool," said Corbett.

He said that sometimes when he is at the mall in Fredericton, people will scream his name when they see him. He said he does get some negative feedback, but it's outweighed by all the positive comments.

"There's definitely a lot hateful little boys on the internet," said Corbett.

"Whatever you do in life, there's always going to be people that hate on you, but what really matters is focusing on the people who support and do like the things you are doing."

Brianna Price said she agrees with Corbett. She started her YouTube account a year and a half ago.

"I've gotten my share of mean comments but they don't really bother me anymore because it's kind of like 0.5 per cent bad comments and 99 per cent good comments so you just got to focus on the good ones," Price said.

Making money off social media

Once she reached around 5,000 followers, a manager reached out to her and signed her.

"It's kind of like a magazine but in video form. So there is some comedy, some beauty, lifestyle, stuff like that," said Price.

She plans on moving to Los Angeles in January, to follow her YouTube dream. She said that there are more opportunities for YouTubers there.

"There is a lot more potential to make money," said Price.

"There is a lot of YouTube events there. A lot of YouTubers say their subscribers have really gone up since moving to L.A."

But Corbett said he doesn't plan on going all in on his internet fame.

His Vine account has made him a real hit, but he plans on going to university after he graduates from Fredericton High School in the spring.