Taxi fares in Fredericton have increased as much as $1 a ride. (CBC)

People who use taxis in Fredericton will have to fork over more money from now on to compensate for record-high gas prices.

The average fare is up as much as $1 per trip anywhere in the city.

George Youssef, co-owner of Checker Cabs, said the rate hike is necessary.

"It’s really the last thing that we want to do, because I know everybody else is hurting as much as we are, but in order to maintain business and keep everybody above board, we had to increase the prices," he said.

Last week, prices hit a record high of 142.2 cents per litre in New Brunswick.

Youssef said many of Checker Cabs' clients have been expecting prices to rise. So far, they’ve been understanding, he said.

All taxi companies in the city were feeling the pinch, said Youssef.

"When the price got this high here in the last 10 days, we put ours up and everybody else is in the same situation."

Cab driver Ken Bullock was spending up to $250 a week on gas.

The fare increase will make a significant difference to his income, he said.

"It was about time because our pay is directly tied to the fare. We get paid 40 per cent of sales. Whatever sales are, that’s what we get paid."

But the increase isn’t being welcomed by Amanda Burns, a student at St. Thomas University.

"As a student, already on a low budget, I think that it’s unfair to us," she said.

Youssef said he’s open to lowering the price of a cab ride in the future if gas prices recede from the current record-high levels.