The Bay of Fundy can be seen in the distance from a balloon that rose to 30,000 metres after being launched by students at Bliss Carman Middle School in Fredericton. (Courtesy Bliss Carman Middle School)

Some middle school students in Fredericton managed to send a balloon to the edge of the atmosphere and captured the journey through an on-board camera they recovered when the balloon burst and its payload returned to earth some 75 kilometres away.

The students at Bliss Carman Middle School launched their near-space balloon mission on Friday.

The high altitude balloon, which was filled with three cubic metres of helium and equipped with a camera and global positioning system for retrieval purposes, soared to a height of 30,000 metres before bursting.

As the balloon rose, the camera captured images of the St. John River, Grand Lake and the Bay of Fundy before the balloon burst due to the decrease in atmospheric pressure.

The balloon and its camera were recovered a few hours later in the Welsford area.