The city of Fredericton is beginning a pilot project this spring that will restrict drivers from making a right-hand turn on a red light at several intersections.

Last year Fredericton conducted a pedestrian study. One of the recommendations from the study called for a ban on right-hand turns on red lights as a way to make the streets safer for pedestrians.

Fredericton traffic manager Darren Charters said they're focusing on the downtown because it's one of the busiest pedestrian areas in the city.

"There's more conflicts, that's where has shown to be the most collisions, in the downtown." said Charters. "The number one thing is that we want people to look out for pedestrians."    

But that added safety comes with longer wait times for cars.  

Charters said they expect to see a delay of about four to six seconds per vehicle in the six targeted intersections.

 In Fredericton, the proposed change is getting mixed reviews.

"I think maybe drivers need to pay more attention to their driving habits and be more aware of what's going on on the street because I think it would be a real detriment to not be able to turn at this intersection right here," said one pedestrian.

"It's a hazard issue. You've got to be watching so closely for pedestrians and accidents can certainly happen very easily on those turns," said one driver.

"I've only just got used to making a right hand turn on a red light because I'm from the U.K. and you can't make those sorts of things, so I don't really mind as long as it's well sign-posted so we don't get confused," said another pedestrian.

Charters said the intersections will be well marked.

He said the pilot project will run for about a year. After that, it will be re-evaluated and they will decided whether or not it should be put in place permanently.