Consider yourself warned.

That's the message Fredericton police are sending out to motorists who line up for their morning caffeine fix at the drive-thru.

Police are cracking down on people who block city streets and sidewalks at two Tim Hortons locations, on Canada Street and at the intersection of Regent and King streets.

In a Facebook message posted Tuesday, Fredericton police said they've had an increasing number of complaints at those locations, so they are doing something about it "in the near future."

Patrols will keep an eye on lineups in those locations and fines will be levied.

"What could you be ordering up along with your double-double?" asks the notice from police

The answer is Motor Vehicle Act fines of $172.50 for unlawfully stopping on a sidewalk, or in front of a driveway, and bylaw fines of $25 for standing or parking between a sidewalk and curb, or where a sign prohibits.

Municipalities all over the country have wrestled with the problem of motorists blocking streets and sidewalks at drive-thrus, with limited success.