Fredericton police say the crime maps will inform citizens about the types of crimes occurring in their communities and identify crime trends.

Fredericton citizens will soon have access to maps that show where certain types of crimes occur in the city each week.

The Fredericton Police Force will launch online crime mapping on its website on Thursday to help citizens be proactive and protect themselves from falling victim to crimes, Insp. Brian Ford announced on Tuesday.

The mapped crimes will initially include: robberies, arsons, break and enters, property damage, motor vehicle thefts, thefts from motor vehicles, and general thefts, he said.

"This will inform the public of crimes taking place in their neighbourhoods, and arming themselves with information on how to take proactive steps in their own public safety," Ford said.

Fredericton police have used crime maps for some time to track crime patterns and identify trends that may help in investigations, he said.

The crime maps, produced by the force's crime analyst, will indicate only general areas in which crime occurs and not specific addresses, said Ford.

They will be posted weekly, no later than Thursday mornings, he said.