Four police officers from Fredericton who pulled a 73-year-old woman from the frigid water of the St. John River in 2012 were given some of the highest honours in Canada Thursday.

Shirley Foster called 911 as her car slid in the water, January 8, 2012 in Maugerville.

The four officers responded to the call and began a risky rescue.

Const. Jeff Smiley jumped into the water to break the window and rescue Foster. Const. Shawn Fraser, Const. Samantha McInnis and Cpl. Dwight Doyle performed CPR and helped her regain consciousness.

Foster spent several days in critical condition before recovering. At the time, she told CBC she felt someone was looking out for her.

Corp. Dwight Doyle

Cpl. Dwight Doyle was awarded the Medal of Bravery for his part helping rescue Shirley Foster from a submerged car. (CBC)

Foster has since died.

Thursday, Smiley was awarded the Star of Courage by the Governor General. His colleagues received Medals of Bravery.

Their colleagues in Fredericton say the awards are well deserved

“The force is very proud that our officers are being recognized for sure, but even more proud that our officers are prepared to respond in this particular fashion,” said Inspector Martin Gaudet. “They put their lives on the line, it was a selfless act.”