About 12 to 15 Fredericton police officers were trying to arrest a man who had barricaded himself in a residence on the 200 block of Aberdeen Street on Thursday evening.

Sgt. Justin LeBlanc of the Fredericton Police Force said they are in "crisis negotiations."

"We ask people in the surrounding houses to either evacuate the area or just to lay low in their house until this is over," he said.

The man is known to Fredericton police, who responded to the situation around 6 p.m., said LeBlanc.

Members from the Fredericton Police Force's primary response team, emergency response team and major crime team, including K-9, were on scene.

Building evacuated

The surrounding area was cordoned off to the public. Officers were still on seen at 10:24 p.m.


Fredericton police are seen at the corner of Aberdeen Street and Westmorland Street. (CBC)

LeBlanc said a building had been evacuated and no other people were inside the home. He could not confirm if the man was a tenant of the building or if police were waiting for a warrant.

"We are trying to establish communication and we are trying to bring this to a peaceful resolution," said LeBlanc.

Resident Stacey Corey said she was on her way home around 6:15 p.m., when she noticed several police cars parked on the corner of Aberdeen and Westmorland Street.


Stacey Corey and her daughters Kianna and Kara. Corey said the police presence on Aberdeen Street has increased since 6 p.m. (Viola Pruss/CBC)

When she drove by again an hour later, police had closed the road to traffic.

Corey said her oldest daughter lives on the street.

"We were just making sure that she was safe before we left," she said. "She is at home but she isn't in the house that this stuff is going on."