Const. Darrell Brewer was handed an eight-month conditional sentence on Friday in Fredericton provincial court.

A Fredericton police officer, convicted of assaulting his girlfriend, has been given an eight-month conditional discharge and ordered to perform 25 hours of community service.

The sentence means Const. Darrell Brewer, 37, will not have a criminal record for the incident, which occurred at the victim's home in Durham Bridge on July 1, 2012.

Brewer grabbed the woman by the arm and threw her cell phone in a toilet after finding out she was seeing another man, the provincial courtroom heard during his trial late last year.

Judge Geri Mahoney found him guilty of assault and mischief.

Brewer told the court he was very remorseful.

Crown prosecutor Bill Richards had recommended a one-year conditional discharge, given it was Brewer's first offence and a criminal record would end his career as a police officer.

Defence lawyer T.J. Burke had requested a six-month conditional discharge.

Earlier this week, the Fredericton Police Force announced a new position to deal with domestic violence — a full-time intimate partner violence co-ordinator.

Fredericton police respond to about 500 domestic disturbance calls every year.