Fredericton musicians are rallying around those affected by a fire on the city's North Side earlier this month.

Two families with young children were displaced by the Neville Street fire on Dec. 6.

Wednesday night, some of the city's musical talent staged a fundraising concert for them.

Tanya Talbot lived in the apartment next to where the fire started.

The New Brunswick Housing Authority has provided a temporary place to stay for Talbot, her husband and two children.

Tanya Talbot

Tanya Talbot's family, including two young children, were put out of their apartment by a fire in Fredericton on Dec. 6. (CBC)

Talbot says her children are still shaken by the fire.

"They're still in shock," she said. "They said, `I just want to go home.'

"You know, building your life from scratch is really difficult."

Talbot's father Frank Davis is a local musician. He put together a fundraising roster of musicians that included the Downtown Blues Band and the Steve Waylon Band.

Davis says he's lucky to be able to help his daughter and the others affected by arranging the show.

And he says he's lucky that his family was unharmed.

"It was a really bad fire – it was really close," he said. "Some of them barely got out of the house."

Donations can be dropped off at the Fredericton Inn, where the affected families will stay until Tuesday.

It is unclear where they will go after that.