The Fredericton Public Library's appeal to patrons to take home books for an extended loan during an upcoming two-month renovation is proving to be a hit.

Staff are offering free bags, pre-packaged selections, and a June due date so they won't have to move and store the books by March 17 when renovations begin.

Elvira Embser-Herbert - custom

Elvira Embser-Herbert, head librarian of the Fredericton Public Library, is sure the books will all be returned. (CBC)

"We first hoped we'd get 15,000 books out the door. But we thought that was wildly optimistic," said head librarian Elvira Embser-Herbert.

As of Thursday, the library had already checked out nearly 11,000 books.

"A lot of people think I should be afraid that the books won't come back. I don't believe that will happen. I think people will say, 'Yes, I'm ready to bring them back, now,'" said Embser-Herbert.

The library is staggering the due dates, so all the books don't come back on the same day.

The renovations consist of adding a space for teens and a coffee spot.

The library will reopen May 12.

Fredericton Public Library

If patrons borrowed enough books to fill one of the library's bags, they received a free ballot to win a certificate to buy books. (CBC)