The Fredericton Public Library won't have enough space for its full collection during renovations. (iStock)

Libraries are normally looking for overdue books, but the Fredericton Public Library is looking to loan its books long term.

The library will be closing on March 17 for renovations and is encouraging people to borrow a bag full of books and keep them until May 12, when the renovations are complete.

The library hopes to find a home for a tenth of its collection — about 15,000 books — while construction is underway, said director Elvira Embser-Herbert.

Any other option would be too expensive, she said.

"Anything we would do to store them would involve more people moving them, for one thing, and then there's where are we going to put them?"

"Someone had suggested we could put a semi-tractor trailer type of thing up in the back and load them into that, but that's very costly, of course, and we don't have a lot of space inside that's not going to be under renovations, so we have very limited space where we can put them inside the building."