Keswick Ridge rental

Sylvia Sharpe’s renovated farmhouse in Keswick Ridge can be booked on the website (

Homeowners in the Fredericton area seem to be embracing a new trend in alternate travel accommodations that allow tourists to exchange homes or just book a unique house in another city.

A website — — that facilitates home exchanges says most of its 20 members in New Brunswick live in the Fredericton area.

There are 12 rental options in the Fredericton area currently on the website that range from $52 to $130 per night and offer travellers the chance to book a room or an entire house or apartment in the city.

Sylvia Sharpe’s renovated farmhouse in Keswick Ridge can be booked on the website. Sharpe said she loves meeting people from around the world and people who come to stay with her.

“Our very first guests were from Italy and then just last week we had a lady from Sweden,” she said.

Fredericton rentals

A dozen Fredericton-area homes are listed on a specialty travel website that allows tourists to book rooms or entire homes when they go on vacation. (

“We love it when people come for a week, or two weeks, we just keep the house tidy, they bring their own food,” she added.

Another popular website for tourists who are hoping for unique travel experience is It charges members an annual fee but they can then swap homes for free.

Canada is one of the website's top five destinations in the world.

Paul Charoy, a company representative, said the website also promotes tourism.

“If they exchange homes, they come to another city and then they will spend money in the shows, at the markets, so we help to increase tourism everywhere,” he said.

Charoy said there's no reason to worry about swapping homes with a stranger.

“Everything is based on trust, because when I am in your home, you're in my home, so everyone is very careful,” he said.