Having to apply for an annual permit for backyard fires in Fredericton is at an end.

The fire department says beginning Friday, all existing and future burning permits will be permanent.

Insp. Cameron Dunn says education efforts about safe burning have paid off.

"I think the biggest part of it was we had such a good compliance rate with the permits that we already had.  One of the numbers that I've seen was 99.7 per cent compliance — which tells us that it's not a huge issue with people not using the appliance properly or burning out of season or burning when they're not supposed to be," said Dunn.

"So, the continually going back and checking on them just didn't seem to be needed anymore."

In order to get a new, one-time permit, you need an approved non-combustible container, covered with six-millimetre steel wire mesh, and it has to be three metres away from anything that could catch fire.