Some commuters on Fredericton's bus system say many riders jump on board without paying, but Fredericton Transit officials insist fare-jumping is not a problem.

Buses are often left unattended with their doors open at the transit hub at King's Place in the city's downtown core.

Tina Allain

Regular bus rider Tina Allain estimates only 25 per cent of those who get on her bus at King's Place pay a fare. (CBC)

Tina Allain rides the bus every day and she says people often get on the bus without paying.

"Anybody below the age of 40, most of the time don't pay," she said. "They just walk on and sit down.

"About 40 people get on a bus, maybe 10 pays."

Transit manager Tony Hay doesn't believe fare-jumping is a big issue.

"I don't believe it happens very often that people just jump on the bus and don't pay their fare," he said.

Tony Hay

Fredericton Transit manager Tony Hay doesn't believe fare-jumping is a problem on city buses. (CBC)

Hay says city staff sometimes perform random inspections and drivers compare their fare boxes against the number of passengers on board.

Kevin Lacey of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation says it's in the city's interest to crack down on fare-jumpers.

"Those who do play by the rules are only going to have to pay for those who don't," said Lacey.

Fredericton Transit's budget for 2014 is $3.8 million. The transit service's revenue projections for this year call for it to bring in $1.7 million, which includes revenue through fares, charters and advertising.