Jeremy Murray

Blogger Jeremy Murray of Fredericton is a fan of using technology to create awareness about what life is like for disabled people. (Google+)

A Fredericton blogger who was born with spastic cerebral palsy is impacting people internationally by sharing what life is like in a wheelchair.

Jeremy Murray's new online show is just the latest way he's using technology to help people understand the disabled.

Murray, 21, has spent the past several years reaching out online to those who live with a disability and those who have misconceptions.

He also set out to correct misconceptions some people might have about disabilities.

"They didn't really understand. To them, having a disability also meant you had some cognitive issues," said Murray. 

He started blogging to get things off his chest, but he's now making it his mission in life.

"I'm from a small town, kind of in a rural area. There's really no job opportunities, unless you want to work in a fish plant, which obviously being in a wheelchair, is kind of hard to do."

He wants to answer every question people have about living in a wheelchair.

"Awareness is a big thing for me. The people that know how to treat people with disabilities, the more likely things are going to change in society."

Earlier this year, Murray helped launch the Disability and Assistive Technology Today show, or DATT. He and his co-hosts Andrew Daley and Kristy Edwards review technology for people living with disabilities and answer questions from their followers.

Murray says he'll continue until everyone's questions are answered.