Fredericton airport needs expansion, business group says

The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce is calling for an expansion of the city's airport to help serve as an economic driver.

Chamber of Commerce survey identifies it as top priority

Fredericton's Chamber of Commerce says the city needs an expanded airport terminal.

CEO Krista Ross says it was identified as the top infrastructure priority by members in a recent survey.

"If you're asking business people what is an economic driver for our community, if you want to have business in your community, you need people to be able to get in and out, you need to be able to feed businesses, you need people to have access to our community, and I think people see the airport as important in that regard," she told CBC's Information Morning Fredericton.

Ross says the Fredericton International Airport was designed to accommodate 200,000 passengers per year, and last year nearly 300,000 passengers passed through.

"They are outgrowing the space that they have and if we want to have business and individuals alike have the ability to get in and out of Fredericton with ease and convenience, we need to make sure that the facility we have can accommodate that and can accommodate potential future growth in terms of carriers as well," she said.

The Chamber of Commerce continues to meet regularly with all levels of government to push for an expanded airport terminal, Ross said.