Many patients who relied on an after-hours health clinic in Fredericton are concerned about their future access to a doctor after the facility announced it was closing.

The Fredericton After-Hours Medical Clinic, which is located near the city’s Brookside Mall, posted a sign on Tuesday that told patients the facility was closing permanently on July 7.

It's not known why the clinic, which is located in the Nashwaaksis Medical Clinic building, is shutting down.

The receptionist inside the clinic would only say the two doctors, who have been running the clinic since it opened about 20 years ago, were unavailable for comment.


It is not known why the after-hours clinic, which is located near the Brookside Mall, is shutting down. (CBC)

Patients who showed up for treatment were both surprised and worried by the news.

Several patients did not want to do a recorded interview but said they will have to travel further to other clinics and they will have to wait longer because those facilities already have a full patient load.

Since the Brookside Mall after-hours clinic is a private facility, a spokesperson with the Department of Health said the provincial government had no information on its closure.