Fredericton's most famous nudist made his way back from the Deep South on Friday to expose himself once more to the wonders of City Hall.

The golden cherub, known locally as Freddy the Nude Dude, has stood atop the fountain in front of City Hall for 128 years. More than 100 winters took a toll on the small angel and he spent the last eight months in Alabama recovering his health.

The $37,000 makeover also saw Freddy, who is made of zinc, cloned to produce an identical twin tough enough to handle New Brunswick’s weather. Freddy Two is made from cast aluminum.

The original Freddy now lives inside a glass case in City Hall. The more rugged clone will perch on the fountain. 

Wind-sensing technology

The fountain comprised three tiers when it was installed in 1885, but was shortened to one tier because Freddy kept soaking passers-by on windy days.


New Freddy gleams in the Fredericton drizzle. (Shane Fowler/CBC)

His twin has wind-sensing technology to adjust his flow and keep visitors dry. That allowed the fountain to return to three tiers.  

J. Scott Howell of Robinson Iron oversaw the reinstallation Friday. The Alabama man said it was a job well done.

"We've had the fountain since last September and it's gone through a complete restoration. The lower tier and the bottom section are original," he said. "The upper two tiers and the Freddy on top are new. The original Freddy now resides back in his glass case inside City Hall."

The sculpture is a part of the restorations to Fredericton's City Hall. The fountain is expected to be flowing once again by the end of next week.