Fraud case against Jeannine Tours operator delayed 2 weeks

A case involving the owner of a now-closed tour company in Bathurst who is charged with fraud has been adjourned until June 9 after the accused failed to appear in court Monday.

Jeannine Doucet did not make appearance in Bathurst court, adjourned until June 9

A case involving the owner of  now-closed tour company in Bathurst who is charged with fraud has been adjourned until June 9.

Jeannine Doucet did not appear in court on Monday.

Several hundred complaints were forwarded by police by people who said they paid a deposit on discount tours with Jeannine Tours, but never got their trip or their deposit back.

In February, 2013, a group of Girl Guides went public after the tour company closed two weeks before their planned trip to Disney World and said they wouldn't be refunded their $10,575.

People in the community then raised $11,000 to allow the Girl Guides to make the trip.

At the time, the Better Business Bureau had received 11 complaints about the company.