Mary Schryer, a former health and social development minister, said she doesn't believe her role in the former Shawn Graham government will hurt her in the 2014 election. (CBC)

Several former Liberal cabinet ministers are in the midst of deciding whether they will be running in September’s provincial election.

When Shawn Graham’s Liberals were defeated in the 2010 election, several high-profile cabinet ministers found themselves out of a job.

Some are now considering whether they will return to provincial politics.

Mary Schryer, a former health and social development minister, has decided to run again in Quispamsis this year.

Schryer said a political comeback offers her the chance to get back to work on the poverty reduction plan.


Jack Keir, the former energy minister, said he will not run in the 2014 election because of his high-profile role in the failed attempt to sell parts of NB Power to Hydro-Quebec in 2010. (CBC)

"Great example of how consultation should happen. So I want to be able to work on that file again, or at least have input on the file again,” she said.

Schryer was defeated in 2010 by Finance Minister Blaine Higgs in the suburban Saint John riding.

But for some other Graham cabinet ministers, the decision on whether to add their names to the election ballot was more complicated.

Jack Keir, the former energy minister, was also considering a return to public office.

He said his role promoting the proposed sale of NB Power to Quebec in 2009 and 2010 would drag down the Liberal campaign in 2014.


Kelly Lamrock, a former education minister in the Graham government, will be running in the 2014 election. But he will be running for the NDP. (Jacques Poitras/CBC)

"You know, the NB Power deal, I was the face of that,” Keir said.

"You know if I ran and became a candidate again, that issue would come up again, and I don't want it to come up again. It would never happen again. You know it's over, it's history now, and I don't want Brian to have to wear that issue."

Schryer said she did not give much thought to whether she would add to the party's baggage from the Graham government. But, unlike Keir, she's not as strongly identified with the Graham government's most unpopular initiative.

There will be other familiar names on the ballot in September.

Ed Doherty narrowly lost in 2010 and he is running for the Liberal nomination in Saint John Harbour.

John Foran, the former public safety minister, sought the Liberal nomination in Miramichi Bay-Neguac. However, Foran was defeated by Lisa Harris.

Former education minister Kelly Lamrock, who was the minister responsible for the early French immersion reforms, is running in 2014 election. However, he has switched parties and will be a NDP candidate.