The entire province is under a no-burn order due to dry conditions. (GNB)

Firefighters across New Brunswick are being kept busy with a string of forest and brush fires, including one on Sunday at Moncton's Centennial Park.

"Our firefighters worked hard for at least two hours," said Moncton Fire Chief Eric Arsenault.

"They were able to contain the fire and it didn't spread to any of the properties that are around because there is a subdivision that was nearby," he said.

The fire did, however, damage a portion of the park's forest area.

The entire province remains under a no-burn order, due to dry conditions.

It's a typical spring fire season, according to Charles Beaulieu, the Wild Land Fire Prevention Officer for the provincial government.

"We've had a lot of fires in the last two or three days," he said. "We're up to 246 fires in the province. Staff was able to get on them really quick and both ground crews and the air tankers."

It will take some steady, prolonged rain to improve conditions, said Beaulieu.

Meanwhile, he urges people to check the burning permit information on the government's website before lighting any fires.