The federal government is not building a massive border post in the tiny New Brunswick community of Forest City, the local MP says.

Despite the grand name, fewer than 20 people live year-round in Forest City and its U.S. neighbour, also called Forest City.

The Maine community got a huge new building two years ago to handle traffic at the U.S. end of the crossing. Recently, the Canadian government tried to buy property in the area.

'I'm not in favour of some big monstrosity down there when you've got such low volumes.' - MP Mike Allen

MP Mike Allen said Ottawa had plans for a big building, but scrapped them for more modest plans.

"I'm with the residents,” he said. “I'm not in favour of some big monstrosity down there when you've got such low volumes."

He says the Canada Border Services Agency plans a small replacement for the aging customs building.

"I was certainly under the understanding that that's not the way we were going to go down. I don't think that's their intent. I think they're looking at something more reasonable for the area,” he said.

Resident Ann Hanson complained that Ottawa has told them nothing about the plans on the Canadian side. "Zero. We're not privy to any of that,” she said.

Allen vowed stay on top of the issue. "A major construction there? I just don't think it's a good use of taxpayers' dollars,” he said.

He suggested the two countries could save money by letting Canada use part of the U.S. building. He’d like to see New Brunswick get a modular building that could be moved easily.