Food bank's greenhouse collapses from weight of snow

The West End Food Bank in Moncton is looking for a new greenhouse in its Garden of Hope.

West End Food Bank in Moncton used donated greenhouse to help produce more than 300kg of vegetables

The West End Food Bank in Moncton is looking for a new greenhouse in its Garden of Hope.

The 5,000-square-foot plastic-covered greenhouse the food bank used to help produce 700 pounds (318 kilograms) of fresh vegetables for people has collapsed because of the weight of the snow.

The weight of snow collapsed the greenhouse belonging to the West End Food Bank in Moncton. (Courtesy West End Food Bank)
"One more reason to dislike winter I guess," said food bank manager Ben MacMichael. "The snow came by and you can have snow blowing up all the time and it doesn't pile up and then all of a sudden you have it blow one way and it'll pile up and that's what happened.

"It piled up on our greenhouse and it crushed the hoops. It collected on the plastic and all that weight gathered up there and crushed a lot of our hoops," said MacMichael. "I think there's only two remaining hoops that aren't crushed and flattened."

The greenhouse had been donated to the food bank and allowed volunteers to extend the growing season, with an earlier start in the spring and a later harvest in the fall.

"What it does is it allows us to get our plants started early and we can grow kale and what have you, the hardier vegetables  longer into the winter," he said.

MacMichael says volunteers can still plant a garden.

He's hoping to raise money or find another donated greenhouse to replace that one that was destroyed.