Homeowners and businesses in New Brunswick are cleaning up the damage from the weekend's wild weather, which caused flooding across the province.

New Brunswickers were hounded by heavy rain, a rapid melt and then flash freezing. Several roads were closed due to the flooding.

Roger Gregoire at East Coast Waterproofing said the wet weather left leaky basements in its wake. He said he can barely keep up with the calls.

"Some people have a couple of feet of water in their basement and other people are having seepage through cracks that were done many years ago. The problems vary,” he said.

Two rinks had to be closed at the Red Ball Internet Ice Centre in Moncton during a minor hockey tournament on Sunday.

"The big reason for the leaky roofs is we had some ice damming which occurred up on the roof and with the ice damming on the edges, it backed up water and the water came in the seams and was in the insulation and then caused some roof leaking,” said general manager Nick Frizell, the centre's general manager

He says everything is now cleared up.

Crews in Dieppe spent the weekend trying to get ahead of the thaw.

David Knowles, the city’s public works manager, said catch basins were cleared out and streets widened, but flooding started on the Chartersville Marsh.       

He said it's been a difficult winter.

"I can't remember seeing this much snow before the first of January in many years. I don't know if I've ever seen it and then we had the freezing rain that everybody saw and then the extreme cold after that. It was challenging without a doubt,” he said.

With more rain in the forecast, the city of Moncton says it's ready for any potential flooding.