The home of 93-year-old Mona Everett was boosted onto wheels and moved to higher ground to prevent damage from future floods Wednesday morning.

Everett’s home was one of 83 properties that were damaged in the devastating March 23 flood in Perth-Andover.

In October, the province announced it will spend $8 million to move 18 low-lying homes, including Everett’s. The provincial government also plans to buy out 12 houses, and flood-proof two.

Mona Colwell, Everett’s daughter, said it was important to her mother to stay in the home she’s lived in for the last 25 years.

The record flooding caused a state of emergency, and about one-third of the community was forced to leave their homes. Of those that were damaged, 11 have been or will be demolished.

The province also spent millions on disaster assistance immediately after the flood. On top of that, thousands will be spent to put a new flood mitigation plan in place. It will see a small levee built on Pit Road, money allocated for ice jam modelling, and an investment in a trail for emergency vehicles to have access to the hospital when the water level is high.