Residents of St Mary's First Nation in Fredericton got their flu shots on Wednesday, thanks to nursing students from the University of New Brunswick.

But there was more than disease prevention at work, says Miranda Mitchell, a third-year nursing student from Esgenoopetitj First Nation.

She says the event also gave band members a first-hand look at health care.

"I always find there is that disconnect between First Nations people and the health-care system," Mitchell told CBC News.

"There might be distrust between outside people and the communities. So it's good to have people working within the communities to see nurses around and to see people and especially get to know the new nurses that are up and coming."

Mitchell also hopes the flu shot session will encourage some aboriginal children to consider health care as a career.

"This summer, I actually worked with the Aboriginal Nursing Initiative with Lisa Dutcher at UNB and we worked on recruiting and retaining aboriginal students into the program," she said.

"We actually have, between the three campuses in Bathurst, Moncton and Fredericton, 12 new nursing students that came in this year."