Fiddlehead season delayed by harsh winter, spring flooding

Fiddlehead season is behind schedule in New Brunswick, due to the long, harsh winter and spring flooding.

Foragers hoping springtime fern will pop up within days

Foragers haven't been having much luck finding fiddleheads in New Brunswick yet this spring.

The long, cold winter and spring flooding have delayed the season, says Alex Haun, the chef at the Kingsbrae Garden Café and Savour in the Garden, in St. Andrews.

By this time last year, Haun says he had already picked several pounds of the springtime fern.

But he says there are currently no fiddleheads to be found at his favourite spots.

"It just takes a couple of nice days with some warm sun and they'll pop up. And if the water comes down — the water is still high in a lot of areas and it's still covering a lot of personal picking grounds," said Haun.

Some garden plants are also behind, he said. "Rhubarb will be behind by a couple weeks, basic herbs like chives — I haven't seen evidence of them in the garden."

At this point, Haun says it's difficult to know what seasonal meals to prepare for the cafe and restaurant's opening days.

But Kingsbrae Garden is still on track to open on May 16, he said.