The search for a Mount Allison student missing for nearly a year resumed Saturday in the Sackville area of New Brunswick.    

The family of Christopher Metallic rented a helicopter in an effort to find him. He was last seen leaving a party on Allison Street on Nov. 25, 2012.

Ground, air and water searches failed to turn up anything other than some personal belongings.

Metallic's family is hoping further searching will produce more results.    

The family held fundraisers to help pay for the helicopter rental.

Metallic’s mother, Mandy, said the family has never given up the search for her son. She said they have spent tens of thousands of dollars travelling from Listigouche, Que. nearly every weekend combing the area where Metallic was last seen.

“We've been out here for the past 11 months. Through storms, winter, the springtime — the roads were really bad, got stuck a few times. It's a living nightmare,” she said.

The family has searched the area covered by the RCMP and also have expanded their search to other areas. The family has even enlisted the help of several psychic mediums, desperate for any lead that could help them find Metallic.

Mandy said they will not give up the search until he is found.

Edgar Estabrooks lives close to where Metallic was last spotted. He found one of the flip flops Metallic was wearing that night.  He hopes there is a chance Metallic will be found alive.

“I'm hoping he is, or if they don't I hope they find his remains, that's all. I know if it was my son or something I would want that too,” he said.