When Evan Polchies heard that the man he shot twice had died, he said he cried.

Polchies took the stand Thursday in Fredericton provincial court to deny allegations that he and 23-year-old Joe-Anna Hachey of Fredericton lured a drug dealer to a Lincoln mini-home so they could rob him.

The 31-year-old Kingsclear man is accused of second-degree murder in the death of 34-year-old Bobby Martin Jr. Polchies testified he shot Martin on Jan. 26, 2017, but it was an act of self-defence.

He is one of two people accused in the case. Hachey will be tried in April.

Evan Polchies, 30, of Kingsclear First Nation, Joe-Anna Hachey, 23, of Fredericton

Evan Polchies, 31, of Kingsclear First Nation, and Joe-Anna Hachey, 23, of Fredericton, are both charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of Bobby Martin Jr., 34, of Fredericton. (RCMP)

Polchies' testimony

Polchies said he did not expect to see Martin on Jan. 26. He said he was sitting at the dining room table when he saw Martin stride through the door and charge at him with a knife.

Polchies, who said he had taken speed tablets and smoked some pot, testified that he turned around and grabbed the gun, a semi-automatic rifle that was on the freezer.

"I jacked the bolt, put a shell in the chamber, and fired low. He was still coming at me," Polchies told the court.

He fired again.

Bobby Martin

The murder trial in the death of Bobby Martin Jr. continued Thursday. (Submitted)

Martin left the mini-home with two gunshot wounds, both to the left leg. He died in hospital of a gunshot wound to the lower limb and pelvis, according to a pathologist who testified previously.

Defence lawyer T.J. Burke noted Polchies could have shot him again as Martin staggered outside.

"I didn't want to kill him. All I wanted to do was stop the threat coming at me," said Polchies, wearing black-rimmed glasses and a dark grey suit jacket.


Polchies said Hachey began mopping up the blood and he put his rifle on the table, grabbed his book bag and told her they had to leave.

'My life was unravelling. Shattered.' - Evan Polchies

"I was shocked. I was scared," Polchies said. "I couldn't believe that that had just happened."

The pair decided to hide out in Woodstock First Nation. They were arrested three days later near Woodstock.

Polchies said when they learned via the internet Martin was dead, he cried.

"My life was unravelling. Shattered," he said.

Cross examination

Crown prosecutor Darlene Blunston questioned how Polchies could turn around, grab the rifle, cock it and fire twice before Martin had reached him.

Evan Polchies Trial

A sketch of Evan Polchies testifying in Fredericton court Thursday. (Patrick Nelson)

Polchies testified he "wanted to run. But I had nowhere to go. But I couldn't go anywhere." He said he looked around and saw his gun.

Asked about Hachey's earlier testimony, Polchies said she was lying.

Hachey testified she asked Martin to bring drugs to the mini-home and she and Polchies planned to rob him when he got there. She said she was in a back room when she heard the gunshots and heard Martin yell he had been shot in the groin.  

"I knew she'd seen everything that happened, and that she was lying," he said.

Closing arguments will be made Friday.

With files from Catherine Harrop