City officials in Moncton are reminding pet-owners to clean up after their dogs. ((Ryan Jackson/Associated Press))

Two Moncton entrepreneurs are offering to scoop poop as city officials are complaining that too many pet-owners aren't cleaning up after their dogs.

City employees who look after local parks said they are finding a lot of dog feces and bags of dog waste littering paths.

Wesley Breau said that sounded like an opportunity to him, and he has now opened a business.

"Me and my buddy Eddie, we both got laid off from our jobs," explained Breau. "I was working at unloading freight but the work was real slow and I got two kids at home."

Breau and his partner are offering to clean up dog excrement from yards now that the snow has melted.

"Some yards, from the accumulation all winter, you pretty much have to watch where you step," he said.

The team charges between $25 and $50 to clean up a yard, depending on volume.

Dan Hicks, who supervises parks with the City of Moncton, said there is no reason for people not to pick up after their dogs when they are out for walks.

"We have bags available at many of our regional parks and even some of our smaller ones too," said Hicks.

He suspects most dog owners are responsible, "it's the 20 per cent or less that really kind of make a mess of it for the rest of us," he said.

The fine for failing to pick up after your pet is between $100 and $1,000.