Enbridge has withdrawn its application for interim rate changes and will now wait for the full EUB hearing on Feb. 19. (CBC)

Enbridge Gas New Brunswick has dropped its application for a quick increase in gas distribution charges for commercial and industrial users in the province and a quick decrease for homeowners.

The company had applied to the Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) for interim changes to take effect Jan. 1, pending a full hearing on Feb. 19.

The matter was scheduled to be heard on Monday, but as the company was preparing responses to written questions from the EUB, Atlantic Wallboard LP/Flakeboard Company Limited and the public intervener, "an oversight was identified," according to an email to the EUB.

Enbridge does not explain in the Nov. 28 email what the oversight was, or why it occurred, but says it could not be corrected in time for Monday's hearing.

The company will submit its revisions by end of day Tuesday, the email states.

Enbridge suggests interveners be given until Dec. 10 to submit "Round 2" questions and the company says it will stick to its Dec. 17 deadline to respond.

Enbridge applied to the EUB for new rates in October.