Salisbury residents in the village’s Hilltop subdivision say they are upset by the years of delays in building an emergency exit out of their neighbourhood.

McWilliam Road is the only way into the Hilltop subdivision and that isn’t a problem unless the route floods.

Coralie McLean, a Salisbury resident, said it is a constant battle to get to her house when the water is high on the road.

“You just can't get through. There is no way, ambulances, everything, there's a special care home up there,” she said.

“Myself, my son has heart issues, so ambulances are always up here. It makes it a challenge for them, as well as people that live here."

Village of Salisbury

Salisbury Mayor Terry Keating said an engineering study is being finished that will look at ways to prevent flooding around McWilliam Road. (CBC)

Margaret Mayes, another resident, said the mayor has promised to build an emergency access road in the past.

Mayes said during an election campaign the construction of an emergency route seemed to be a priority but after “it doesn't seem to be important." 

"The people have asked, begged, pleaded for an emergency exit to the village, and there has been nothing done about it,” she said.

Salisbury Mayor Terry Keating said flooding has been an issue along McWilliam Road since before he came to council, nearly 20 years ago.

But Keating said an engineering study is underway to figure out how to prevent future flooding and to study the cost of an emergency access road.

The mayor said the results of the engineering study should be available in four to six weeks.

Meanwhile, residents say property has already been purchased to build a new road but Mayes said she’s heard actual construction won't begin for seven to 10 years.