Over 100 bikers and walkers made their way along Saint John streets Sunday to show their support for "Ellen's Law".

The cycling community is calling for a change to the Motor Vehicle Act that would force motorists to stay a metre away from cyclists when passing them.

Cyclists have been pushing for new rules following the death of Ellen Watters, the competitive cyclist who died after being struck by a vehicle while biking near Sussex before Christmas. 

On Sunday afternoon, the cycling community gathered in the parking lot of the Giant Tiger in Saint John and made their way by bike and foot to city hall. 

There the crowd heard from cyclists, advocates and politicians. In the crowd, Ellen's mother, Nancy Watters, looked on. 

Nancy Watters

Ellen's mother, Nancy Watters, attended the event to show her support for new legislation. (Philip Drost/CBC News)

It was emotional for Watters, though she was pleased with how many people showed up. 

"I am just overwhelmed," said Watters. 

"I know Ellen. If it was for anyone else but herself she would be just whooping to have this go. I know that she totally didn't feel safe on these roads."

One of the people who spoke was Liberal MLA Rick Doucet. He told the group he will champion their proposed legislation.

Doucet said the government has been working on it.

"It hasn't been my file but I just want to be a part of it with them and help make it happen," he said.


Cyclists has been pushing for change following the death of competitive cyclist Ellen Watters. (Philip Drost/CBC News)

During the speeches, cycling advocate Wayne Arrowsmith asked people to put up their hand if they've ever had a close encounter with a vehicle while biking. Most people put up their hand, including Doucet. 

"I was well into the side of the road, then all of a sudden I happened to notice a car. It was right beside me," Doucet said. "All of a sudden I was bouncing down the road, my bicycle was bouncing, there was glass all over the place and the car just kept on driving."

Ellen Watters

Ellen Watters, widely hailed as a rising star in Canadian cycling, died after being involved in a collision with a vehicle on a Dec. 23 training run. She was 28. (Submitted by Emily Flynn)

Doucet walked away with just some bruising, but he said it could've been a lot worse.

Saint John Mayor Don Darling said he was in full support of a one-metre law. He said he spoke with the other city mayors, and they agreed.