Elgin farm scrambles to recover from collapsed barn roof

A dairy farm in Elgin suffered $25,000 in damages when the weight of snow and ice caused the roof over half its barn to collapse.

Weight of snow, ice caused half the roof on Stiles Farm barn to fall in

A dairy farm in Elgin suffered $25,000 in damages when the weight of snow and ice caused the roof over half its barn to collapse.

The weight of snow and ice caused half the roof to collapse on the barn at Stiles Farm in Elgin. (Facebook)
One hundred cattle were inside the barn at the Stiles Farm when the roof collapsed on New Year's Eve.

Susan Linkletter's parents run the dairy farm and her mother called her on New Year's Day to tell her what had happened.

"They heard it in the night," she said. "Of course, not being able to see, nobody knew what it was until the morning when they got up to look out the window and noticed the barn was down.

"Of course, I was shocked, but I was glad that nobody had been hurt, no animals were hurt and nobody was in the barn at the time."

The barn was not insured and so far the farm has received $2,500 in donations.

"I was amazed at the generosity of the people in the area," said Linkletter.

"I know a lot of the farmers in the area showed up and offered their assistance to my dad and my brother.

"Because nobody knew at the time how bad it was, whether there was cattle that would need to be removed and housed in other places," she said. "Some people also showed up with hammer in hand ready to start dismantling the barn."