Ed Horgan

Eddie Horgan is one of three men in the running to become Canada's Crush, and win a spot on the romance reality TV show, The Bachelorette Canada. (Twitter)

A Saint John native has to land the votes before he can start collecting roses on the popular TV franchise, The Bachelorette Canada.

Eddie Horgan, 32, is one of three men in the running for W Network's Canada's Crush contest.

It's the last hurdle he has to cross before he can land a spot on the popular reality-romance show.

Horgan, an oilfield logistics coordinator now living near Calgary, came upon the contest by accident. His sister, Jill Horgan, nominated him in secret.

"I have three older brothers. I don't have any sister-in-laws yet so I figured this would be a good opportunity to get one," Horgan said Tuesday on Information Morning Saint John.

"Eddie is one of those people who wouldn't say he's actually looking for love, he loves to travel, but he's reaching that point that if he wants to travel he might as well have someone beside him to do it."

Horgan says she submitted the application video, and answered questions on her brother's behalf.

"Eddie and I are close so I know a lot of the answers he would have given had he filled out the video himself. There were lots of questions about his family, well, I know those answers," she said.

"Eddie is one of the funniest people I have ever met. You see how some of the people act on the show, and he would fit right in there."

Horgan says her video apparently satisfied the producers, because they reached out to her brother within days to set up a meeting on Skype.

"He was confused," Horgan said. "He came around pretty quickly."

That was followed by a series of medical tests and a photo shoot and offer to compete under the Canada's Crush contest.

Votes can be cast on www.wnetwork.com/canadascrush. Voting ends on Feb. 24.

Horgan should know by Mar. 7 if he is moving onto the Bachelorette Canada.

Filming for the show will take place in Vancouver starting in April.