A Fredericton company is anticipating a major boost in dog food sales thanks to the camouflage lifestyle brand Realtree.

Realtree, popularized on the reality television show Duck Dynasty, is the leading camouflage on the market.

Lee Corey of Corey Nutrition in Fredericton said a deal to market his camouflage-designed dog food products under the Realtree name has led to a distribution deal with 5,000 True Value Hardware stores across the U.S.

"Five-thousand stores — I realize that they're all not going to pick this up — but if 10 per cent do, that's 500. And it's in the U.S. market which is much larger than ours. So for us, it means very significant growth and coast-to-coast distribution in the U.S. So it's very good," he said.    

Corey said his facility in Fredericton makes 10 tonnes of dog food every hour — and True Value could take more than half that production within six months.

He said the True Value distribution will also create 15 new jobs in marketing his dog food.

Realtree has about 70 per cent of the camouflage dress market and has become a lifestyle brand that is bigger than simply hunting attire. It is associated with 1,400 products, covering everything from bed sheets to energy drinks — and now food for hunting dogs. Realtree's world sales total more than $1 billion.

Corey Nutrition's agreement with Realtree is a five-year, worldwide agreement. Corey already exports its products to 20 countries.