People in Bathurst, N.B., are getting a new appreciation for their surroundings thanks to a local man who's been flying a camera attached to an aerial drone all summer.

All François Foulem needed was a couple hundred dollars and some audiovisual know-how to turn a bird's-eye-view into YouTube gold.

"Some of these videos went up to 2,000 views in a very short span of time,” he said.

He says he wants to show New Brunswickers what they might be missing in their own backyard.

Foulem received special permission from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bathurst​ to film from the peaks of iconic cathedrals in Grande-Anse, Petit Rocher and Inkerman.

“People can see the church tower and the cross on top of it, well what does the cross see?" he said.

Foulem has also showcased rivers and bridges in the area. For now, the amateur videographer says the videos are an unpaid hobby.

"The comments are always to the tune of, 'Oh you're showcasing the area, thanks for showing me this, I never realized how beautiful the area was.' That's the reward right there,” he said.

He plans to keep his drone up in the air year-round.

Foulem says his next challenge is finding the perfect vantage point for filming the upcoming fall colours.