RCMP have charged a driver with a graduated licence for breaking the zero-tolerance rule for alcohol for such permits.

The driver, who was pulled over earlier this week for speeding on Route 1 in Pennfield, had consumed "some liquor," Cpl. Jayson Hansen stated in a release.

The driver has been fined $172.50, he said.

New Brunswick drivers with graduated licences are prohibited from consuming any alcohol when they are going to be behind the wheel, said Hansen.

They must have a 0 per cent blood alcohol content, he said.

Violators will receive a one-year suspension and return to the beginning of the graduated licensing period, with no credit for a previously-passed road test or driver training courses, Hansen stressed.

The driver in the case in question was also fined $1,204.50 for driving an uninsured vehicle and had to pay to have the vehicle towed, he said.

No information about the age or sex of the driver has been released.