Dozens of dogs are being tested for Lyme disease in New Brunswick after an increase in the number of cases reported.

The Dickinson and Baird Veterinary Hospital in Hampton and Mount Allison University are teaming up to test 75 dogs of different breeds and ages.

Veterinarian Dr. Elisha Dickinson-Mills said incidents of tick bites in the area are on the rise and the testing will give an idea of the overall prevalence of Lyme disease in the area.

"We have a dense deer population. We also have a lot of wetlands and marshlands which will bring in birds to our area and those birds often have ticks on them, so that will actually bring the Lyme disease into our area to begin with,” she said Saturday.

“We're actually kind of the perfect area for Lyme disease to be a problem. We just don't know how big of a problem, if any, it is at the moment."

Dickinson-Mills should know how many dogs tested positive for Lyme disease by the end of Saturday.