A German Shepherd is recovering at a veterinary hospital in Riverview after he was caught in a trap near Cornhill.

Lucky, the German Shepherd, is being treated at the VetCare Pet Hospital in Riverview. Lucky's arrival comes only days after another animal, Churchill the cat, was caught in a snare in the Harrisville area.

Christina Chong, the veterinarian at the VetCare Pet Hospital, has treated both Churchhill and Lucky.

"He [Lucky] was emaciated, he had obviously been missing for a while, perhaps a week or so," Chong said. "He wanted to eat, despite his mouth was just caked with blood and dried leaves and debris ... It was heartbreaking."

Chong said the dog must have been sniffing around the trap when it snapped on its nose.

"It was a jigsaw puzzle of tissues that we had to put together and to reconstruct. And it took us hours to finally come up with something that was viable," she said.

Chong said Lucky will be disfigured but expects him to recover. She said she expects Lucky needs another two to three weeks to recover.

Right now the biggest hurdle is his breathing because his nostrils are still swollen.

Lucky was brought to the veterinary centre by the SPCA. It is suspected the dog spent two days in the trap.

Chong said Lucky's owner has been found and is fundraising to pay the vet bill.

But she said the bill will be greatly reduced because the veterinarians are donating their time and charging only for their costs.

Chong said in her twenty years of practicing, Lucky's is one of the worst cases she's ever seen.

Lucky is expected head home with his owners later Wednesday.