A Kent County woman says a pet owner should be held accountable after a dog was buried by snow in its doghouse this week.

Nicole Thebeau said the dog had been living chained to its doghouse while the owner was away.

Dog left in Kent County

This dog was found buried in his doghouse earlier this week. A Kent County woman removed the dog and now its owner would like the animal returned. (Nicole Thebeau/Submitted)

​Thebeau said the woman had a family member delivering food and water to the dog.

Southeastern New Brunswick was blanketed by snow and freezing rain earlier this week.

Thebeau said a man who clears driveways in the area discovered the doghouse buried underneath the snow.

“So he got worried about the dog and he went over and shovelled around his little house just to make sure the dog wasn't there, but the dog was there,” she said.

“He was actually buried in his little cabin underneath all that snow.”

Thebault said the dog was taken to a warm home, but she won't say where.

The dog's owner has contacted police and wants her dog back.

CBC News has been unable to reach her for a response.

There is no word on whether there will be any charges against Thebeau for removing the dog.

Thebault said the SPCA responded to a call after the dog was found, but since the doghouse entrance was cleared of snow by the time they arrived, there was nothing they could do.

The New Brunswick SPCA Act allows for dogs to be chained, as long as they have access to food, shelter, water and care.

Thebault said the owner is not breaking the law but she still doesn't think it is right to leave animals in these situations.

She said it's time to change the law.

“I'm just fed up at seeing them suffer. You know, they go there and ... food, water, shelter is not enough,” she said.