John Thompson, CEO of Enterprise Greater Moncton, says N.B. should consider a 30 per cent rebate on labour costs for digital media companies. (CBC)

An economic development group in Moncton is urging the provincial government to implement an incentive program for digital media companies.

Enterprise Greater Moncton has conducted a study that shows digital media and video game development are two of the fastest growing sectors in Canada.

The new report, called Levelling the Playing Field, says the New Brunswick government has to make an effort to attract and keep high-tech companies.

It says digital media and video game development companies attract young people and provide high-paying jobs, but that the province needs to do more to support the industry.

John Thompson, chief executive officer of Enterprise Greater Moncton, said he wants the province to consider a 30 per cent rebate on labour costs.

"Essentially it'll be a bit of a wash," he said. "They're not going to realize new revenues, but at the same time we're not going to encumber the industry from moving forward."

George Donovan, president of Gogii Games in Moncton, said a 30 per cent rebate is reasonable.

"You can move to Amherst and get a 42 per cent rebate and the province is currently talking about a 30 per cent rebate. I mean it's still significantly less, but we're willing to make the investment and the commitment here if the province is willing to kind of start investing in our business again," Donovan told CBC News.

Officials at Enterprise Greater Moncton said they are encouraged that there have been discussions with the provincial government about the incentive program.