The mayor of Dieppe says his city is not interested in helping pay for Moncton's $35-million upgrade to the Turtle Creek reservoir.

Yvon Lapierre says Moncton taxpayers and his city are facing huge water bill increases to pay for  the Turtle Creek upgrade, which would double the size of the city's water supply.


Mayor Yvon Lapierre says Dieppe will spend $1-million to develop its own wells within three years. (CBC)

So Dieppe intends to spend $1 million to have its own wells operating within three years.

Lapierre says ratepayers were already hit with increases of 6 per cent to 8 per cent a year resulting from previous improvements to the reservoir.  And he expects the same to happen after the $35-million project.

"Now that Moncton has invested, obviously they're going to need to recuperate," he said. "And much like we saw large increases in the period from '95 to 2007, we will likely be subjected to the same level of increases."

Lapierre is also upset that Moncton offers some customers cheaper water rates in order to entice them to set up in Moncton instead of Dieppe

He says Moncton gave Molson Breweries a reduced rate on water to entice the company to locate its brewery in Moncton instead of Dieppe.

"I've been told they've got a real good deal on the water and obviously it's something we couldn't do and offer to Molson Breweries because it's not our water," he said.

When a similar claim was made by Moosehead Breweries in 2004, Moncton stated Molson was paying the commercial rate for water.

Lapierre says Dieppe wants to avoid losing another business opportunity because it doesn't have its own source of water.