Smokers in Dieppe will now be forced to butt out in all outdoor facilities owned by the city in an attempt to reduce citizens' exposure to cigarette smoke.

Dieppe council passed the new smoke-free areas policy on Monday that prohibits smoking outside of city facilities, including trails, parks, playgrounds and sports fields.

Isabelle LeBlanc, a city spokeswoman, said signs will be posted and it will be up to residents to respect it.

"People are going to see the signage. People are going to know and we'll potentially see some people say, 'This is a non smoking area, this is a designated area," she said.

The new smoke-free places policy comes into effect on Oct. 1.


Dieppe is prohibiting smoking in city-owned areas, such as parks and trails. CBC

LeBlanc said the policy will enable the city's residents and tourists to attend events and visit parks and be able to breathe fresh air. 

There will be designated areas at these city-owned properties for smokers.

"We're giving people the opportunity or the area where they can smoke. But we're also asking them to respect the numerous people that don't smoke," she said.

"It's a question of balance for both sides."

Unlike a bylaw, the smoke-free policy cannot be enforced. Instead, the onus will be put on Dieppe residents to respect the policy.

New Brunswick has a smoke-free places act that restricts smoking in public places, such as restaurants.

Policy supported

Marise Beliveau-Black said she thinks the city's new smoke-free policy is a step in the right direction.

"I think it's great because most places like that are full of kids and I don't think kids should be around people that smoke. It's not really that good for them," she said.

Jonathan Savoie has been smoking for eight years and he has grown quite familiar with the various restrictions imposed on smokers

He said the city's new policy will be very unpopular with people who smoke.

"I believe there's going to be a lot of people that are going to be offended by it, to each his own. Everybody's got their right to smoke," he said.

But even as a smoker, Savoie said the new policy could convince some smokers to kick the habit.

"It makes it less convenient for us, and I'm sure a lot of us will quit because it's more of a hassle and I think it's a smart idea," Savoie said.