A crackdown on incorrectly sorted garbage is leaving Dieppe, N.B., residents with a backlog of rejected trash.

If waste bags didn’t follow city guidelines this week, crews left them at the curb with a red tag explaining why.

The company collecting the goods, RecycleSENB, hopes that will help people get the message. Enforcement spreads to Riverview Wednesday and Moncton next week.

'I tried'

Dieppe resident Mathieu Allen was surprised to see his garbage bags left behind. He said figuring out what goes where is tricky.

“You've got to read the chart, you've got to look at what you have in your hand, then you have to decide if it goes in the blue bag or the green bag," he said Tuesday. "I tried."

The problem? He had a milk carton and a plastic cup in the trash.

Ann-Mary LeBlanc also found a rejection sticker.

"I didn't know why was it rejected, because there's nothing in there that shouldn't be. It's all wet so I don't know what to say. Really, it's not right what they're doing,” she said.

In her case, it was rogue grease in a plastic cup. The grease goes in green, the cup in blue.

Reports of illegal dumping

Riverview Communications Co-ordinator Meghan Walsh is optimistic the enforcement will work. She said it succeeded in another neighbourhood. 

"We're seeing now a 90 per cent success rate in that neighbourhood, so we are confident that as it's rolled out gradually, homeowners will begin to revise their sorting habits and really jump on board,” she said. 

But Recycle SENB general manger Andrew Wort has already received a picture of garbage illegally dumped in the Turtle Creek area.

"In those situations where it's reported to us, we will turn it over to the Department of Environment for investigation. There have been people in the past charged with illegal dumping," he said.