Dieppe fire victim struggling to recover from injuries

People of greater Moncton are rallying around the victim of a late March house fire, who is struggling to cope with injuries and finding a place to live.

Moncton-area friends and businesses helped Roy Pearce find a new home

People in the greater Moncton area are rallying around the victim of a March house fire, who is struggling to cope with his injuries and trying to find a new place to live.

Roy Pearce is in a new home now after spending 24 days in the hospital recovering from his injuries. He was injured in a March fire that killed one person and damaged a triplex in Dieppe.

Cathy Hiscock, an owner of a pet supply store, who has been Pearce's boss for more than 10 years, said they didn’t know for several days whether he was going to survive.

"We actually went for a good four to five days where we really did not know if he would live or die," she said.

"One doctor after another kept telling us that he was in really bad shape, but they had always seen worse, we started thinking he would come out of it."

Melanie Melanson said she remembers the night a little over a month ago, when a fire ravaged Pearce's home.

Melanson said her heart goes out to her neighbour, who shares custody of his three children.

"He didn't have any insurance ... so he lost everything in the fire," she said.

Without any insurance, Pearce’s boss said he was forced to scramble to find a new place to live as he recovered from his extensive injuries.

When Pearce left the hospital, he had trouble opening a hospital door alone, according to Hiscock.

She said businesses were quick to help Pearce find a new place to live and then get him set up in the new apartment.

"He has fully furnished, cupboards full of food, everything you would need to set up a new apartment. So he's on the road to recovery," she said.

But Hiscock said Pearce still has a long way to go before he can return to work.

While friends and family work to raise money for medical expenses, Pearce is spending time with his children and focusing on getting better.