Dieppe apartments needed for 46 tenants displaced by fire

At least 46 people in Dieppe are looking for new homes after fire ripped through an apartment building on Champlain Street over the weekend.

Only 9 people had insurance, charity organizations trying to help

The push is on for at least 46 people in Dieppe to find a new place to live after a four-storey apartment building sustained extensive damage in a fire on Sunday night.

The Canadian Red Cross has provided emergency hotel accommodations for about 26 of the tenants, but that ends today.

The apartment building at 487 Champlain St. in Dieppe sustained extensive structural, smoke and water damage during a fire Sunday night. (Rick McGuire/Twitter)
And only nine of the 46 have insurance that might help cover emergency living expenses and some of their property losses, according to the Red Cross.

Nic Roy, of Bathurst, "lost everything," his mother, Charlene Roy, told CBC News.

He had only been living in the Champlain Street apartment building for a week and was due to start his first day of college on Tuesday, so she's struggling to help get him back on track.

"We're looking for a place for him to stay 'cause we're not from around here. We want him to continue in college and not to discourage him not to continue, even with this tragedy, because he finds it very hard to continue," she said.

Blankets for Moncton, an organization that distributes donated household and clothing items to people who are homeless or in crisis, has been working with the displaced tenants, trying to help.

We're trying to get them hooked up with more landlords, people in town that can provide a place right away.- Nadine Lipton, Blankets for Moncton

"We're trying to get them hooked up with more landlords, people in town that can provide a place right away," said executive director Nadine Lipton.

"They know the situation. Some of them aren't charging rent the first month, some are. At the moment, we've been contacted by five landlords. We're going to need 15 more, or people with more units," she said.

"We only have 24 more hours to help people before they have to disperse."

Blankets for Moncton is also accepting donations for the displaced tenants, but its priority is finding accommodations for them, said Lipton.

The Red Cross and Salvation Army are also working to provide clothing and household items for the tenants, once they find a new place to live.

Meanwhile, the Dieppe Fire Department is still investigating the cause of the fire that quickly ripped through the building and caused the roof to collapse.

Crews were called to 487 Champlain St. shortly after 10 p.m. Flames were shooting out of the roof by the time firefighters arrived and the stairwells were full of smoke so several tenants had to be rescued from their balconies.

It took several hours to extinguish the blaze. The building sustained structural, smoke and water damage.

No one was injured.