Margaux Traboulsee never intended for her homemade deodorant to become a full-blown business. Traboulsee and her husband Josh were simply trying to find a chemical-free deodorant. When they couldn't find an effective product, they made one themselves.

Traboulsee says the original recipe was simple: some coconut oil, baking soda and essential oils. The ingredients have since evolved into a mixture that the Traboulsee's friends and relatives couldn't get enough of.

Their deodorant is so pure, the Traboulsees made a commercial where their pet Chihuahua Sophie is seen licking it up. Margaux Traboulsee says she wouldn't let Sophie try that with any other deodorant.

Friends and relatives encouraged the couple to do more with their organic blend. And so 'The Best Deodorant in the World' company was born.

"We just started very small and local stores started asking for it," says Traboulsee.

The deodorant is now sold at all natural food stores in Fredericton. But the Traboulsees decided to take the product online and now are shipping their all-natural, homemade deodorant all over the world.

"Today, I mean, people in New Zealand, Australia, all over are loving it. And again, I have to pinch myself that it was never meant to be a full on business." says Margaux Traboulsee. ‚Äč

Josh is in charge of making the product. It's still made out of the couple's kitchen. Every two weeks or once a month, he produces a huge batch.

The couple has already expanded their line to include a body cream. While they're enthusiastic about the sales, the Traboulsees say the best part of the business is spreading the word about natural products.